Voici un alphabet alternatif pour les enfants de geeks, il a été réalisé par le blog Geek Are Sexy.

abc a

abc b1

abc c

abc d1

abc e

abc f

abc g

abc h

abc i

abc j

abc k

abc l

abc m

abc n

abc o

abc p

abc q

abc r

abc s

abc t

abc u

abc v

abc w

abc x

abc y

abc z

Ces photos proviennent de Flickr et sont sous License Creative Commons, l'alphabet a été imaginé et réalisé par le blog Geek Are Sexy.

Auteurs des photos :

  • A : Away Team, where you should never wear red (mild mannered photographer)
  • B : Binary, 1s and 0s in your head (jpstanley)
  • C : Cosplay, making cons an awesome place
  • D : Doctor, who keeps changing face (great beyond)
  • E : Emoticons, that tell you what we’re feeling (neal gillis)
  • F : Flickr, whose photos we are “stealing” (tricky)
  • G : Gadgets, the way to our heart (slipstreamjc)
  • H : Hardware, I took it apart! (jurvetson)
  • I : iEverything, love it or hate it (dan dickinson)
  • J : Japan, we’re glad Nintendo invaded (oscar mota)
  • K : Keyboard, we love every letter (andrew*)
  • L : Leias, the more the better! (koadmunkee)
  • M : MMORPGs, it’s a magical place (i eated a cookie)
  • N : NASA, and the beauty of space (nasa1fan)
  • O : Occipital Lobe, we love using our brains (illuminaut)
  • P : Programming, (though lisp is a pain) (phil_jackson)
  • Q : Quilting, and other geeky crafts (athenamat)
  • R : Reading, no matter what the path (timonoko)
  • S : Science, though the cake is a lie (don solo)
  • T : Tabletop, and a 20-sided die (nengard)
  • U : Uncertainty, you just never know (neil crosby)
  • V : Voltage, oh the places we’ll go! (oskay)
  • W : the World Wide Web, it’s more than just porn (shimown)
  • X : Xerox, where so much geekiness was born (marc smith)
  • Y : Youth, since kids are geeks too (benmcleod)
  • Z : Zork, watch out for the grue! (the_tml)

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